Social Media Advertising

Take advantage of the world's most powerful targeting technologies across a range of social media platforms.

Use different campaign objectives to build your brand, reconnect with old customers, or convince prospects to take the next step.

No fixed monthly fees - flexible and dynamic pricing and campaign structures put you in control of your spend.

Reviews, referrals, swipes, likes & recommendations… it’s all about visibility.

Social media has increasingly become the place people go to research businesses and their products.

It makes sense to advertise where people are actively looking.

Word of mouth has evolved into sharing links and tagging on posts (your business could potentially be talked about across many platforms). Making sure you are on top of your social media advertising keeps you in the conversation, helping you to engage with your followers and get your business seen.

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    People can find me online – why pay for adverts on social media?

    'Organic' searching, without site optimisation, isn’t the most efficient way to compete in the online world of data collection, active targeting, and recommendations.

    People want ease, reliability, and competitive prices – within reach and only a click away. Social media, conveniently, is at everyone’s fingertips.

    Waiting for people to find you online organically isn’t going to increase your exposure or potential sales to the same level as actively attracting those who have been targeted. Using well researched data, people can be matched to your business, service area, and interests - becoming what is known as a target audience.

    A paid social media presence will help you achieve brand awareness to a targeted audience. Utilising a whole range of creative design work, alongside clever strategy and analytics, your business is much more likely to get a higher return on your investment, no matter the budget you have.

    How does advertising on social media work?

    Adverts on social media require careful strategic planning and specialists who understand the market to place ‘bids’ for your business's ads.

    Social media advertising specialists use many demographics - from age, location and even a user’s own interests - to show them businesses and services that interest them. To ensure you achieve the best results, a social media audit (research) may be beneficial.

    Researching opportunities, selecting criteria (demographics) and choosing which products or services in particular to highlight can be crucial to make sure you know your target audience and that your ad does its job.

    Which social media platform is best?

    Facebook Ads, Instagram TV (IGTV), Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Marketing Agency/Ads, YouTube Ads and so on –

    There are many social media platforms and many ways to target who sees your paid social ads. It’s about understanding which ones are suitable for your business.

    Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses since each platform boasts their own format; whether image, text reliant, or video, your ad needs to work well on the platform you choose.

    Popular platforms understand that their users want to see businesses and products that matter to them:

    “In Q3 2020, Facebook was reported to have earned $21.4 billion and a total of $78.9 billion from 12 months prior.”

    A substantial part of Facebook’s revenue is from Facebook Ads, demonstrating how social media platforms have grown in the world of advertising. Their willingness to research into, and experience how, businesses and audiences engage with each other on their platforms ultimately benefits all parties involved.

    This is why these huge platforms include social media advertising opportunities for businesses, and why it’s crucial to understand how you can utilise them.

    How is social media advertising different from conventional advertising, what do I need to know?

    Advertising on social media means you get to actively interact with your audience.

    This is something not done in conventional advertising. Conventional advertising relies upon a linear focus of research, design and launch, with feedback at the end of the process. This meant that you had an advert that would pass or fail, and advertisers had to seek data and feedback as to why an ad worked or didn’t work for them - a high risk, and sometimes costly, process.

    Social media advertising utilises data already collected online about your audience. Advertisers now have the tools to actively track and analyse their advertising campaigns in real time – this process allows more freedom of data and analytical targeting to help campaigns succeed.

    It makes the process much more intuitive and streamlined for success.

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